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Trying to Conceive

pearl fertility kit

Pearl Fertility Hormone Tracking Kit

This kit is way more than your average OPK. It comes with 15 FSH tests, 15 LH tests, 2 hCG (pregnancy) tests, a reusable test strip holder, and access to the Pearl Fertility app to visually track your hormone patterns and peak fertility days.
sperm check

SpermCheck Fertility Home Test Kit for Men

This at-home male fertility test provides a less expensive and more convenient option for identifying sperm count as either "normal" or "low."

Easy@Home Ovulation & Pregnancy Test Strips

These ovulation and pregnancy tests are less expensive that alternative options, have great reviews, and are even supported by an app to help visualize your line progressions.
nature made prenatals

Nature Made Prenatal Multivitamins

This prenatal multivitamin offers a great mix of nutrients, quality, and cost.

Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant

This fertility-friendly lubricant is thought to support sperm quality and mimic natural fertile cervical mucus, so it is a great option if you tend to be on the dryer side and/or don’t want to forego lubrication.
clearblue ovulation test

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test

This is a wonderful product if you are looking for a few days' heads up on ovulation! It tracks two key fertility hormones (LH and estrogen) and typically identifies four or more fertile days!
basal body thermometer

iProven Basal Body Thermometer

This thermometer's high sensitivity makes it very easy to identify temperature shifts each month to help estimate when ovulation has occurred.
pregnancy test

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

This pregnancy test is know for being one of the most sensitive tests out there and for increasing your chances of getting an early positive result.

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